17TSE filter kit vignette test

This test was done using my new filter holder and the Lee foundation kit with one slot. This is on the 17TSE on a 1DS-mk3.


Vigneting usually occurs on one corner, indicating something is off center.

In general. I can safely use  3 clicks down and 4 clicks up when in landscape mode and the Lee foundation kit is not rotated.

With the foundation kit rotated 45 degrees, I am limited to 1 click up or down.

With the camera in portrait mode, plus or minus 3 clicks is the limit without rotation.

I don’t use the polarizer often, so I will probably avoid shift when I am using it. This is the only time I will need 45 degrees of rotation.

As soon as I get some blue sky’s I will test the polarizer effect.


 The next 4 images have the holder rotated 45 Deg to simulate polarizer adjustment.

Filter holder rotated 45 deg

The balance of images have the filter holder un-rotated

4 Responses to 17TSE filter kit vignette test

  1. Vassilis Apostolopoulos says:


    I remember that when you built the custom TS-E filter holder you used a 77mm ring adapter. Do you think that a 82mm ring adapter would vignette less or the main vignetting comes from the rest of the foundation kit?



    • begbert says:

      All the WA series rings are 2 part with the outer ring the same for all and only the inner ring with the threads is smaller. You need to remove the threaded portion anyway so the part you use is the same for any WA Lee ring. Its in my write up and pictures.

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