Topaz Bold sky settings

Topaz Bold sky settings Topaz detail 2

Topaz Bold sky is an action I worked up to make a sky stand out better. I run it as an action with a mask and paint it only on the sky. The nice part is that it does not affect color or exposure so it does not leave brush edges in sky or clouds. You can paint close to the horizon and stay far enough away to avoid any artifacts.  You don’t want this on horizons of areas with fine detail.

I run this as an action on a new layer using Topaz Detail 2 . Here are the settings:

Small details: 0.25

Small boost: -0.2

Medium details: 0.149

Medium boost: 0

Large details: 1

Large boost: 0

From here on I will leave it blank.  The action copied all the default settings, but none are active.

Image without bold sky

Bold sky brushed into sky at 100%

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