Topaz Photo Pop settings

Topaz Photo Pop was a menu item in Adjust 4, but was gone in Adjust 5.  Fortunately I still had Adjust 4 on my laptop when I got my new computer and had to do a fresh load. Adjust 4 is no longer available for download, at least that I could find.

I run this as an action on a new layer. Here are the settings:

Adaptive exposure: 0.27

Regions: 22

Contrast: 0.27

Brightness: 0

Use Adaptive Exp: 1 (means module is on)

Details: 1.15

Details boost: 1

Details threshold: 0.25

Details radius: 36.79

Sharpen: 1

Details Mode: 0

Use details: 1 (means module is on)

Adaptive saturation: 0.09

Color Regions: 10

Saturation: 1

Saturation Boost: 1

Hue: 0

Use color: 1 (means module is on)

Noise threshold: 0 (means module is off)

From here on I will leave it blank.  The action copied all the default settings, but none are active.

This was a copy job, don’t ask me about the details of the process. I simply copied the settings from Adjust 4.

If you have Topaz 4, Photo Pop is one of the presets. So far as I can tell, Adjust 5 does not even have presets. If I am wrong, please drop me a note.

This works really well on my images at 70%. But it will make a halo if you have very light/dark transitions at a horizon. The halo is very large so sometimes it is hard to see when looking close.

When it makes a halo, I either paint it on, or delete it and use color pop which adds more saturation, but does no sharpening and leaves no halo.

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