The main subject here is travelog landscape photography

The primary purpose of this blog is landscapes taken at the major western national parks and scenic areas.

View my icon series for a guide to western national parks.

Grand Canyon Yaki Point Sunrise

Grand Canyon Moran Point Sunrise

Grand Canyon Moran Point sunrise

Grand Canyon Yaki Point sunrise


Mesa Arch Sept, 18, 2013, with a better star burst

Mesa Arch Sept, 18, 2013, with a better star burst

Dead Horse Point, Sept 17, 2013

Dead Horse Point, Sept 17, 2013




27 Responses to The main subject here is travelog landscape photography

  1. begbert says:

    To all visitors. Please read my bucket list and give me some suggestions.

  2. Jin says:

    Hi, Ben,
    Thank you for your hard work. I like landscape photography, every time I go out taking pictures, I take EF 24mm f/1.4L II, EF 50mm f/1.4 and EF 135mm f/2L(sometimes EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS).Because image quality is my first concern. The redesigned EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II is the latest update and it’s a hard choice for me, I’m not sure it can replace the 24mm and the 50mm prime lenses or not. From your 24-70/f2.8 II test, I get my answer, so I plan to sell the prime lenses and get this. Thank u for your efforts.

    (From Shanghai China)

    • begbert says:

      You are welcome, but I would advise getting your lens first before selling the primes. That’s what I did. My copy is very good and I think most are, but I have one friend who had to exchange the first copy he got. Now he is very happy. Let me know how you do.

  3. Jim Henderson says:

    Ben –

    I appreciate your commentary and photos. I hope you do not abandon this website.

  4. Paul Feng says:

    Ben, came over here after seeing reference to your site in a discussion at FM. I have seen your contributions to discussion at FM and DPR over the years. Thank you for sharing what you have learned.

    • begbert says:

      Thanks for leaving a reply. I really appreciate it. I get lots of hits, but so much of it is spam that I have no idea who is really reading it.

  5. Angus says:

    Hello Ben,
    like Paul I just discovered you and your site after a reference to you on the FM forum.
    I am getting back into photography after many years away and am finding the whole digital thing and what can now be done overwhelming.
    Thanks very much for sharing your views and philosophy on photography, gear, your art and why you do what you do. You have inspired me to remember to take a camera everywhere I go and take photos of the things that I find there.

    • begbert says:

      Thanks for your reply, I am really happy to get them. Just be aware that I am sort of a maverick and if you listen to my comments on composition, you will end up an outsider.

  6. begbert says:

    Got it, thanks, in fact got both so I will delete one.

  7. begbert says:

    Thanks for the reply. this is the way it will look.

  8. Mike says:

    Hi Ben.
    I really do enjoy your site. I read a lot of photography forums, blogs etc. but your writings are what really make this site entertaining for me. I like the touch of cynicism or bluntness would be another way to read it but either way I can identify with your thoughts.
    I do enjoy your photography of all the iconic spots but I’ve seen them all before. You do a very good job with the photo’s though.
    Hope you keep your site.


    • begbert says:

      Thanks for the reply, which is the only feedback I get for the work I put into it. Some of it is cynical, a way to blow off steam. but some is a serious intent to share what could be valuable information about when and where to go.

  9. Jim Kelson says:

    Everytime you post a series, the new series looks noticeably better than your previous work. I especially like the Grand View image. I was lucky enough to stand on the overlook while thunderstorms rolled by underneath me. It is a grand view even on a plain sunny day. Looks like you really got lucky with the weather.

    • begbert says:

      Thanks Jim. Shooting with zooms allows a bit more compositional freedom. The shot mentioned was shot while it was raining, something my prime/ND grad/tripod shots make difficult. This one was shot with the excellent 16-35 with its attached hood, hand held in the rain using one of the fence posts as a steady rest. Live view AF allowed focus without needing to get my eye to the eye piece. The grids allowed me to level it although I had to rotate a bit in post. When the rain stopped, I got out the tripod and grads and took some more, but the drama was missing by then.

      I have debated showing this as the forum. Not sure it would fly.

  10. Jim Kelson says:

    I do like shooting without a tripod, but of course that means you need good light and pretty fast shutter speed.

    I know you are usually very careful with leveling your camera, but the Grand View image has a definite tilt – downward on the left side.

    • begbert says:

      It does and I fixed one for print but not this one. The fix requires a crop that cuts part of the canyon on the right side. Something I get right when using a tripod.

  11. Jim Kelson says:

    You could cheat. Use the liquify tool to raise the horizon line on the left side so that the overall horizon appears level. This will cause some small distortions that would not be noticeable especially if you make the adjustment so that the distortions occur in the shadow areas.

  12. Jim Kelson says:

    Looks like you can take another icon off your bucket list.

    • begbert says:

      Hi Jim, yep, I may not get back there. It is close to my daughters house however. But I think I have done this area to death. I am almost done with the Moab area too, maybe one more trip to Deadhorse. I have a season pass for this year.

  13. Dan says:


    Thanks a lot for your precious work! I just discovered you and your site after a reference to you on the FM forum. It’s very useful. Hope you’ll not abandon. And you’ll update permanently. Your trip notes and advises are priceless.

  14. John Jensen says:

    Hi Ben
    As others have said I too have been following you among others
    on DPR and FM but didn’t know you had a website until today on FM.
    I’m not a landscape guy but love looking at your beautiful work.
    Keep the good work up and thank you.

    • begbert says:

      Thanks for your reply, it helps to know people are reading this. Whats your handle at FM? I don’t go to DPR these days.

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